Harvey Weinstein talks about Cate

The producer Harvey Weinstein, who has helped many actors and actresses to wonderful and especially often awarded roles in the past (Silver Linings Playbook/Jennifer Lawrence, Shakespeare in Love/Gwyneth Paltrow, Django Unchained/Christoph Waltz, to name a few) and whose film production companies Miramax Films and The Weinstein Company have taken on numerous film, is campaigning for the wonderful Judi Dench (Philomena) this award season. However, he has only good things to say about his “rival” Cate:

Blanchett is the bookmakers’ favourite but it remains to be seen whether the controversy surrounding her Blue Jasmine director, Woody Allen, will affect her chances.
Allen is facing renewed allegations that he abused his adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow. He has categorically denied the claims.

However, Weinstein said Hollywood is unlikely to let the scandal get in the way of the Oscars. “I’m not even equipped to talk about that but I will say that Cate Blanchett is a marvellous actress.

“She has certainly had nothing to do with any part of that controversy. No-one knows any of the facts so I don’t think people are going to judge Cate or Woody if they don’t know the facts.” (Source)

By the way, Cate’s upcoming movie Carol, directed by Todd Haynes and starring Rooney Mara, Sarah Paulson and Kyle Chandler, is a Weinstein production.


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