An Oscar Voter Spills Secrets on Woodygate…and Cate

One – anonymous – Oscar voter talks about his votes and the effect the Woody Allen scandal has had on his decisions. He also talks about other categories, which you can read about here.

Hello, Pat. Will all this Woody Allen stuff damage Cate Blanchett’s Oscar chances?
No, it would not have. The actors have nothing to do with that.

How about Woody’s chances? He’s up for Original Screenplay.
I didn’t vote for his screenplay, just because I liked another one better. [The alleged scandal] wasn’t a factor. I thought Her was really original. Woody Allen’s screenplay was so much StreetcarNamedDesire driven. He borrowed and used things. But Her was an original work of art.

Back when Roman Polanski won for The Pianist, did you feel the same way about not factoring in sexual matters?
Yes, I think it would be irrelevant. A movie stands on its own. I’m not crazy about what he did, but on the other hand, you do a movie, and if it’s a good movie, it’s a good movie, and if it isn’t, it isn’t.

Is that the prevailing point of view among voters?
I think some voters are not going to vote for Woody because of that. I know a couple of people who think he’s disgusting. He’s the most unpleasant person to work for. The assistant director tells you, “You are not to talk to Woody Allen.” Except for the major stars. One woman actor I know tried to approach Woody on the set and she was fired.

But they won’t hold any of this against Cate, right?
I don’t think so. She wasn’t there at the time. There are people that genuinely don’t like Woody, but it has nothing to do with not liking Cate.

So for Best Actress, you’re going for…?
Judi Dench. I think Cate is wonderful, but to me, it was watching an actor’s technique at work. She’s a brilliant technician and she’ll probably win, but I felt I was watching her the whole time rather than living with her and the character, whereas with Judi I felt I was living with her and this woman. But I did vote for Sally Hawkins [for Supporting Actress for Blue Jasmine]. I thought her performance was wonderful. With Sally, I was believing her, living with her, and understanding her conflicts. But I think Lupita [Nyong’o from 12 Years A Slave] will win.


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