Article: ‘It Was At The A**e End Of The Evening’: Cate Almost Missed Oscar Win After Bar Session With Julia Roberts

article-2571741-1BFC7FA600000578-743_634x798Cate Blanchett may have been crowned Best Actress at last night’s Oscars but the Blue Jasmine star has revealed she almost missed her big moment.

The Aussie actress beat the likes of Sandra Bullock and Meryl Streep to clinch her second Oscar, thanks to her star turn in Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine.

Cate’s big moment came toward the end of the three and a half hour ceremony, and perhaps understandably the actress had escaped to the bar in the minutes before her name was read out.

Blanchett told E! News that she nearly missed her win as she was busy drinking with rival Best Actress nominee Julia Roberts (who she later told to “hashtag suck it” in her acceptance speech).

The blessing and the curse of this is that [the award] happens at the arse end of the evening,” she joked. “You watch so many other extraordinary people go up there and you lose track of the fact that you’re even nominated, and you get taken by surprise, and ‘it’s my turn’.”

She added: “I was with Julia Roberts at the bar for rather too long! And I just got back to my seat in time.”

Cate’s win topped off an emotional evening for the actress who earlier in the night was moved to tears by the Oscars tribute to her late friend and co-star Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Entertainment Weekly report that Cate watched the In Memoriam segment in the lobby bar with her husband and Blue Jasmine co-star Sally Hawkins. The actress was seen watching the screen, while Sally stood behind rubbing her back for comfort. When Bette Midler came out to sing a tribute, Cate was seen turning around trying not to cry before the group toasted Hoffman.

Cate’s agent Hilda Queally lightened the mood by quipping: “I’m going to have Mu-silly tomorrow. We should all have Mu-silly.” Cate explained the origin of the in-joke: “We were all in LA, it was after Talented Mr. Ripley and we were having breakfast at the Hotel Bel Air. Everyone was ordering eggs until it gets to Phil. ‘I’ll have Mu-silly.

We all started cracking up. He wanted Muesli but he had never ordered it before. It became the best joke.


One response to “Article: ‘It Was At The A**e End Of The Evening’: Cate Almost Missed Oscar Win After Bar Session With Julia Roberts

  1. Aww, poor Cate at the tribute. It is still a tough time for her. Lol at her almost missing her time though.

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