Tabloids: Cate Blanchett to be a bluer jasmine

NO sooner has Cate Blanchett had a chance to pop home to Sydney to unpack all those awards she’s been given for the film Blue Jasmine, than she will be off on another project.

The Australian actress is due in Cincinnati to play a lesbian in a film called Carol, based on a book by Patricia Highsmith, author of The Talented Mr Ripley. Her part is that of an older sophisticate who falls in love with a young girl serving in a department store.

Cate is said to be nervous about the role as it’s the first time she will have had a female lover on screen, and the director, Todd Haynes, has vowed to make it as “passionate and tempestuous” as possible.

As a happily married woman with three sons, Cate hasn’t had much experience of lesbianism,” confides a friend. “So she’s been reading a few gay novels to get into the spirit of the thing. Her husband [playwright Andrew Upton] has very helpfully bought some ‘girl on girl’ magazines to help Cate get her head round it.”


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