Carol: an Extra reports

Here is a short recap of someone, who stars in Carol as an extra. He talks about today’s filming:

So….I spent the whole evening with Cate Blanchett and Kyle Chandler as an extra in a movie being filmed here in Cincinnati last night. We filmed from 7pm through 7am!!! It’s a period film set in 1953. I was one of five jazz musicians (I played the piano player). It was truly amazing! For a couple hours it was just a few of is in a living room in a house. When I was a few feet away from Cate, she would look at me….wait for me to make eye contact…then smile. She did that three times! After being in the same room with her for so many hours and brushing past her so many times, you’d think I wouldn’t react in any star-struck fashion….but I guess I did! I wish I could have seen my face when she did that! 🙂 Watch for the film “Carol” to come out sometime in the future. It’s not a huge budget film…and the most you’ll see of me is the back of my head….but it was truly a fantastic experience!!

In other news, please head over to missbelivet for some recent set pictures (none of which show Cate, unfortunately – otherwise I would’ve posted them, obviously).


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