“Knight of Cups” finished & to be released at Cannes film festival?

One of the upcoming Terrence Malick movies starring Cate is apparently finished and it is possible that they are opting for a Cannes film festival release. Although Cate has been seen on set, it is not 100% sure that she makes the cut into the film – we will have to wait and see. Until then, here is the article hinting at the finished film:

Terrence Malick Has Final Edit of ‘Knight of Cups’ Locked and Joe Manganiello Made the Cut
Considering there’s no telling exactly how long it will take Terrence Malick to complete and premiere his features after he wraps production, it is welcome news when we get a hint at when the time might be. Earlier this year we learned, from one of his closest collaborators, that both Malick’s Knight of Cups and untitled, Austin-set drama would likely see debuts this year; today brings an update on the former.

Led by Christian Bale as a depressed writer-type, Cups looks at celebrities and excess, but as is the usual case with Malick’s work, until we see the film we won’t be able to glean who is in the rest of the ensemble. Natalie Portman is a likely bet, considering she’s in the first still, and Cate Blanchett and Isabel Lucas are both listed on FilmNation’s cast rundown, but Wes Bentley, Freida Pinto, Jason Clarke, Imogen Poots, Teresa Palmer, Shea Whigham, Joel Kinnaman, Antonio Banderas, Ryan O’Neal and Joe Manganiello were all were spotted on set.

We’ve now got confirmation from the lattermost performer in an interview with Philly.com for his latest film, Sabotage. The Magic Mike star reveals that he made the final cut, but more importantly, this indicates that Malick has completed work on the film, which perhaps hints a rumored Cannes premiere could indeed be in the works. While that line-up will be officially unveiled on April 17th, Malick is still busy finishing his other drama, which, at the very least, stars Ryan Gosling. As we await for details on when Cups will first be seen, check out a documentary and video essays on Malick’s The Tree of Life, which made its bow at Cannes three years ago and was awarded the Palme d’Or.


5 responses to ““Knight of Cups” finished & to be released at Cannes film festival?

  1. I think that Cate has a bigger role in Knight of Cups. She shot her role for ‘Untitled’ in three days. Also Bale has a role in ‘Untitled’ and he isn’t sure either will he make through the final cut for the movie. I really hope that they will release Knight of Cups in Cannes! Malick’s movies are masterpieces and I’m sure that new movies will be amazing too. And even better if Cate is in them 😉

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