Cate back in Sydney?

It is possible that Cate is back in her hometown Sydney after weeks of shooting Carol in Cincinnati. Yesterday, the following was posted on Twitter:

And today this was posted:

Lane Cove is a suburb of Sydney.

Maybe her scenes for the movie are all shot? Or is she on a break? We will have to wait and see 🙂


6 responses to “Cate back in Sydney?

    • No one can make two films at the same time. I find it hard to believe her part is done and everyone else’s isn’t since she’s the lead or one of the two leads of the story.
      It’s likely she just went back for the weekend. They’re only filming on Mon-Fri as I understand.

      • Jessica Chastain recently worked on two films at the same time (splitting her time between Toronto and somewhere in the US) but I also doubt that Cate’s already done with her scenes in Carol. Maybe they’re doing more later this month and she’s taking a quick break from filming (there should be a couple of Rooney Mara/Therese only scenes so maybe they’re being shot at the moment?).

  1. Oh wow, maybe she has a little break, or like you said, all her scenes being filmed already. They have a couple weeks left of shooting though,so I think it is a little break.

  2. her sons are out of school in New South Wales: 12 April to 27 April. she probably went home to get them and bring them back. she hasn’t seen them for awhile.

    • I saw someone tweet that Cate had one of her sons with her in Cincinnati, at least for a short time (they saw both of them in the hotel lobby). But it is very probable that she flew back because of them. I don’t think she’s been to Australia since the Oscar so that’s quite some time.

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