Cate at the Sydney Film Festival for HtTYD2 (9/6/14) [Updated!!]

In order to promote her upcoming movie How to Train Your Dragon 2, Cate, wearing a Chanel dress,  attended the premiere of the film at the Sydney Film Festival today. The post will be updated once new pictures and maybe even video arrive.

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Daily Mail
I came to the How To Train Your Dragon party late, but my children absolutely loved the first film and so did I,’ she told MailOnline at the Sydney premiere at George Street’s Event cinemas on Monday.

She also went on to say that the second film will definitely satisfy die-hard fans of the series. 

This is much better than the first, there’s much more action and getting to kick some dragon butt,‘ she continued.

It was a three-year process working with the animators and it was such a pleasure. 

‘I’m really proud of it.

Daily Telegraph
Blanchett, who appeared at an event in Sydney for How to Train Your Dragon 2, posed solo on the red carpet as part of a Sydney Film Festival appearance.

But once inside she was able to show her true colours as a mum — she actually had her sons in tow and watched the film with them.

By the end of the screening she was nursing her youngest boy Ignatius on her knee.

In a short speech at the start of the screening, Blanchett said she was thrilled to have voiced her character Valka in the sequel.

I obviously wasn’t in the first one,” Blanchett said. “[But] it was an extraordinary process working for three years with the most extraordinary animators … it was very special,” Blanchett said.

And I’m finally in 3D,” she added, with a laugh.


One response to “Cate at the Sydney Film Festival for HtTYD2 (9/6/14) [Updated!!]

  1. Good for Cate, glad to see her even if I am not a huge fan of her dress.

    I can’t wait to see her do more promotions.

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