What the owner of the “Carol”-car has to say

During the filming of “Carol”, Cate has been spotted in a beautiful classic Packard. Now the owner of the vehicle spoke to The Cincinnati Enquirer about his unexpected adventure. These are the bits that concern Cate, to read the full article, PLEASE CLICK HERE:

Oscar-winner Cate Blanchett drove his brown ’49 Packard as “her car” all over Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky filming “Carol” in March and April.

Blanchett and “Carol” put more miles on it than Hansford has. The speedometer read 73,000 when he bought his prized Packard last August from the Volo Auto Museum in suburban Chicago.
“They pretty well told me at the audition that it was a done deal,” he said. Cinematographer Edward Lachman “strapped a camera on the hood, and they shot me driving around Cincinnati for two hours. I was basically the stand-in for Cate.”
“I don’t know if they had to teach Cate how to drive a stick, but I do know they had to instruct her on how to drive a three-speed on the column,” he said.
With Blanchett behind the wheel, Hansford had no opportunity to drive his car in the movie. When he leased the car to the production company, Hansford asked to be photographed with the actress and his car. That never happened.


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