Knight of Cups to opt for a 2014 release

According to an international distributor, one of the two upcoming Terrence Malick films Knight of Cups (the second one has yet to receive a title) is scheduled to be released in late 2014 in the US. Malick is known for having a relatively long post-production period and it is therefore always uncertain when the films will actually be shown in theaters.

Speaking today at the annual Ciné event in Riccione, Ernesto Grassi, CEO of Adler (the film’s Italian distributor), says the Christian Bale-led drama will hit limited U.S. theaters later this year before expanding, E-Duesse reports. (Read more here)

Cate stars in the film but due to Malick’s habits of cutting out performances of actors and actresses, it is not certain whether she will be in the film in the end. So don’t get your hopes up JUST yet 😉


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