August 6th – The Maids NYC

Yesterday marked the premiere of the 2 weeks run of The Maids in New York City. Unfortunately we do not have many stage door images (yet?) … as a bonus, you get an image of Meryl Streep leaving the venue (yes, Meryl Streep came to see the play. Cate is THAT good! And keep in mind that it was not the first performance of our queen that she saw!).

Sources for the images are krissycupcake and stephaniedadamo.

For those of you going to the play: Cate apparently signs playbills at the stage door so that is where you should go if you want to grab an autograph (and/or a picture with her).


2 responses to “August 6th – The Maids NYC

  1. Yeah, I will look to see if people tweeted reactions from it, I saw 2 positive ones so far. Someone tweeted that Meryl is Cate’s biggest fan because everytime Cate does a play in NYC, Meryl is there.
    I believe Jessica Chastain was there as well.

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