Cate Blanchett on CNN’s “Talk Asia”

CNN’s Talk Asia visits Australia in September for a one-on-one profile interview with double Academy Award winner, Cate Blanchett.
Monita Rajpal interviews Cate Blanchett at the Sydney Theatre Company, where the actress has performed often and was co-artistic director for five years. She talks about some of her key roles in theatre and film, as well as the “dynamic life” that acting brings through unexpected offers, referring to “that sense of adrenaline you get by bungee jumping into an unknown place”.
During the half-hour interview, she gives her opinion of social media, talks about the importance of silence and says her life has been “a series of surprises”. She talks about personal events, ranging from aspects of life with her own children to the death of her father when she was 10 years old.
Blanchett says it’s an actor’s job to observe and work out what makes other people tick, reflecting on time she spent as a teenager working in a nursing home. “I was confronted by this amazing pride and history – personal, often very small domestic histories that people would bring in with them. Their lives. I think it was a really powerful experience… to be around that and not to be frightened by it.”

Airtimes: Australia (AEST):
Thursday, September 18 at 6.30pm
Friday, September 19 at 3.30pm
Saturday, September 20 at 4.30pm
Sunday, September 21 at 8.30pm

The full interview transcript is available on request or via after the first airing.



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