Article: STC stage work ensure there’s something about Cate in film

Thanks to the lovely Eden, I could get my hands on this wonderful image of Cate, her husband Andrew Upton, Hugo Weaving and other actors from the Sydney Theatre Company, following the release of the theater’s upcoming program. Unfortunately, the article is only available for subscribers so if you happen to be a member, head over HERE to read the full article.

*UPDATE: Or click HERE for a scan 🙂 (Thanks for the link, Mary!)


Apparently there was an interview with Andrew in which he talked about Cate a bit:

“There was a kind of interview with Andrew there. It was things he said about Cate at the event today. I remember he said Cate was right when she said the stc helped her in blue jasmine. He said that after 5 years on stage her “acting” completely changed. He also said that actors in films don’t have the ability or that sometimes they forget the ability of seeing the whole picture and continued by saying that if other actor or if Cate was doing blue jasmine before she was working on stage she wasn’t be able to do the whole movie the way she did. like she wasn’t completely in the character all the time and that stage gives you the ability of being in be able to be in the character all the time because on stage, you don’t have the opportunity to stop in the middle of a play. (something like that) And I remember he finished by saying that working on stage influences on working on films.” (thanks again, Eden :-))

This is the beginning of the article:

IN March, when she collected an Oscar for Blue Jasmine, Cate Blanchett ended her speech by saying her work at the Sydney Theatre Company had made her a better actor. The sentiment definitely rang true for her husband Andrew Upton, the Sydney Theatre Company artistic director who sees the value of the stage up close.

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