Indiana Jones: how things could’ve ended for Irina Spalko

Attention: if you have not seen the film and don’t want to know how it ends, do not continue reading! 🙂

In 2008’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the two-time Oscar-winning actress Cate Blanchett (“Blue Jasmine”) played scientist and military officer, Colonel Doctor Irina Spalko. She was killed at the end of the movie when she demanded the inter-dimensional aliens to give her all of their knowledge. The power is too much for her mere mortal form and she disintegrates. Neat. But, it would’ve looked a bit different with her face partially chewed off. Yup, the original plan was to have a portion of her face consumed by the vicious ants seen earlier in the film. Below, is concept art illustrator Miles Teves designed for the unused sequence.

ERrzoJ2The caption reads: “At one point of the conceptualization of the film Spalko was going to get a bit nibbled on by the giant army ants. Kate (sic!) Blanchett loved the idea, and apparently so did Spielberg. But, movies are a funny thing, and when I saw the film in the theater I watched in eager anticipation as the climbed the rope, waiting and waiting for the ants to reach her, but alas… There was something very B-movie like about the idea. Here are three different proposed stages.”




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