Article: Cate says she’s judged on the school run by other moms

Here is another snipped from the interview in the upcomig Porter magazine which will hit newsstands on Friday, 28th of November.

Not mincing her words the wife of theatre boss Andrew Upton says, ‘You know [the other mums] are observing how you parent. They don’t know how you cram everything in to make space for your kids like any working parent.’

The talented actress says that because of her privileged position people assume she employs hired help.

‘They [the other mothers] assume you have a nanny and a driver and a chef.

‘Who gives a s*** whether I do or not?

‘The fact is I don’t, but you know there is a certain circle of people – and we all get insecure – who then ask, ‘Why can’t she brush her hair?’ You just have to shrug that off,’ says the Blue Jasmine star.

The cover star of the winter edition of the global fashion title certainly looks a far cry from a disheveled mother on the stunning cover of the magazine.   

Cate looks glorious in the shoot, posing with her blonde hair blowing over her face as she wears a white blouse in a sun-lit field.

Inside the magazine, the Lord Of The Rings star is windswept again, this time with rose petals cascading down on her.



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