Is Blackbird back on and Cate still attached? Project finds a director.

Note: Cate has been attached to the project for some time. A few months ago, the movie disappeared from her IMDb website, so I figured she was no longer involved in the film. We will have to wait and see whether the finding of a director means that she will actually star in the movie.

Mark Romanek is set to direct the David Mamet-penned thriller BLACKBIRD. The project, which Mamet himself was thought to be directing, will now see in-demand director Romanek at the helm. The film follows the grieving granddaughter of a famous special effects artist in Hollywood who discovers dangerous conspiracy secrets from her grandfather’s past that will put her and her autistic son’s life in danger. Scott Rudin has come on board to produce for his shingle, Scott Rudin Productions, with Eli Bush and Lila Yacoub also producing. Cate Blanchett will star in the leading role as Janet.



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