Attendance: Berlinale + Oscars + Spirit Awards

Good news, everyone!

Cate will indeed attend BOTH premieres of the films in which she stars at Berlinale. The first one will be Knight of Cups on February 8th and the second one Cinderella on February 13th. 🙂

Secondly, it has also been confirmed that Cate will attend this year’s Academy Awards ceremony to present an award (judging from tradition, it will be Best Actor)! She is also scheduled to present at the Independent Spirit awards.


2 responses to “Attendance: Berlinale + Oscars + Spirit Awards

  1. SAG awards? that happened already. I think you mean the Independent Spirit awards.

    I can’t wait to see pictures of Cate at Berlinale. I hope both films get good reviews, although I don’t think the girl who plays Cinderella looked good from the trailers.

    • Woops, I actually thought I had already corrected the mistake but apparently the editing didn’t work.. thanks for pointing it out 🙂

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