The upcoming weeks on CBD…

Unfortunately, I will not be able to update the website regularly starting tomorrow until the end of February. As I am traveling, I have no idea how my internet connection is going to be so I better give you a heads up about the possible lack of updates (although I will do my very best to avoid a complete hiatus!).

I asked the lovely Mary to maybe help out, if she finds the time to do so (I know she’s very busy as well) 🙂

Please bear with me for the next couple of weeks – CBD will be back in all it’s glory by the beginning of March at the absolute latest 🙂 

In the meantime, make sure to check out these fabulous websites: QueenCate on Tumblr, Cate Blanchett Fan and Cate Blanchett The Great 🙂

Thanks so much – for understanding and for the overall support! You rock! 😀

PS: (Confirmed) Things you should look forward to in the following weeks:
Cate will attend the Berlin Film Festival on February 13th, she will present both at the Spirit Awards (February 21st) and the Oscars (February 22nd) 🙂


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