Egoiste Magazine: Photoshoot (Scans)

The Cate Blanchett’s chinese fandom publisched the scans from Egoiste Magazine n°17, with the whole photoshoot by Paolo Roversi. (Thanks to NCHagas for findign it)

tumblr_njzvtyG79x1txlagzo1_500 tumblr_njzvtyG79x1txlagzo9_500 tumblr_njzvtyG79x1txlagzo8_500 tumblr_njzvtyG79x1txlagzo7_500 tumblr_njzvtyG79x1txlagzo6_500 tumblr_njzvtyG79x1txlagzo5_500 tumblr_njzvtyG79x1txlagzo4_500 tumblr_njzvtyG79x1txlagzo3_500 tumblr_njzvtyG79x1txlagzo2_500


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