Cate Blanchett wins the BFI Fellowship award (October 17th)

Cate got yesterday her BFI Fellowship award at London Film Festival. It’s a life achievement award.
Ian McKellen gave the award to Cate. Get to see images and videos from the event.
Last update: October 21


“So many people who’ve been a great influence on me creatively – and also I’ve long adored cinema from this region, so I feel incredibly blessed to be here tonight.”

Blanchett was presented with her BFI fellowship by her former Lord of the Rings co-star and, the veteran British actor Sir Ian McKellen. He introduced her by saying, “The strong woman, the great actress, Cate Blanchett:”

Blanchett, wearing a white gown with sequins cascading from the shoulders, stopped on the red carpet to sign autographs. “To be honoured by the British Film Institute is such an incredible honour, particularly given the list of people who’ve been honoured before me,” she told reporters on the way in.





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