Cate Blanchett covers Vogue Australia

Cate covers the December Vogue Australia paper. These are soe images and a small part from the interview. The newspaper will be on sale since November 23.


The oart from the interview:

Blanchett, who struck up a friendship with the Packed to the Rafters star when he played a role in the Sydney Theatre Company’s production of Sex with Strangers, said the 26-year-old has what it takes to make it in a very fickle industry.

Blanchett, who features in the December issue of Vogue Australia, a tribute edition to her and husband Andrew Upton’s contribution to the arts in Australia, said: “Ryan’s talent and adventurous spirit are enervating to be around.

“His work ethic is inspiring but he makes it all look so easy.

“His generosity as an actor is palpable on stage and screen, and the ­relationships we witness him in have such chemistry as he invests his energy in connecting with, and getting under the skin of, not only the character he’s playing but actors he’s working opposite.”



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