Cate Blanchett Women Summit (November 20)

Cate attended yesterday (November 20) Women World Summit in India where she hosted a panel following the refugees crisis and a conversation following women’s place in the world cinema.

Here are some images I took from the live stream screen:

Here’s a 1:30min video from the cinema converstaion:

Also, here are some quotes from the cinema conversation:

“I am a passionate lover of history. I was passionate about the history of the Elizabeth. Shekhar is also like that. He was more excited about the fact that an Indian and Australian, who were once colonised by British, are recreating their history. “We had many healthy and productive fights. I think when everyone is in agreement, creative art can be a little bit monotonous. But I must say that meeting and working with Shekhar is the turning point of my career,” Blanchett said in a discussion with the summit founder Tina Brown here.
“Carol is about two females falling in love with each other in the era of 1950s. I didn’t have to bring much psychology to my character because the novelist Patricia Highsmith and the film’s scriptwriter did a brilliant and interesting job. The film also shows the age difference between two women. It’s like ‘Fire’,” she said. Married to playwright and screenwriter Andrew Upton for 18 years, the Australian beauty said she likes to collaborate with her husband because he is a strong, creative person. “He is deeply private and he is somebody with whom you could have critical dialogue with. You could hold his hands, sleep with him and have children with him. And that’s what I did. We run a theatre company together and he is somebody who is not threatened by what I do. He is the strongest person I know,” she said. Blanchett also adopted a baby girl in March in the family of three boys. Asked what was the reason behind the adoption, Blanchett said, “We had been thinking about it since my first child was born. I thought we had enough space to have a fourth child. But biologically we didn’t have the provision to have the fourth child. It’s been a remarkable thing to have her in our home.”



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