Hello guys and Welcome to the SECOND Cate Blanchett Birthday Project!
Last year we made a very beautiful video for Cate (watch here) and she recived it with a lot of love and thanks.

This year we are going to make a digital book. 

How is this gonna work?

Every person who wants can write on our digital book. You can choose the form: 

  • Handwriting (you should be able to scan it with a scanner only on a white paper)
  • texting

What should you write on the book?

  • Write: Name, age, country
  • Title: Happy Birthday in your naitve language
  • Body: You get 140-200 words (NOT MORE) where you can write about ONE of the following options:
    – How did you discover Cate
    – What effect Cate has on you
    – What do you love about Cate the most
    – If you met her you can tell about that experience
  • End: Put a full name of a song (including the performance you mean to) that you dedicate to Cate
  • Things you can add: a picture with Cate, a picture of Cate you took, a picture of an autograph you have, a picture of things you have in your room related to Cate

Deadline: All texts should arrive until MARCH 1ST, 2016. Send them all to the following adress: (the same one from the last year lol) If you have any questions you can ask me here on the ask box / twitter / email .

Taking part in the project this year + special thanks: Mari, Nelly and Eva. Cate Blanchett Daily, Queen Cate, Cate Blanchett Fan, Carol Forum.

Please reblog this post so more people will be aware to out project


  • Who can participate the project? – Everyone who wants to.
  • If I don’t want to do al things, can I just wish her happy birthday? – Sure, but we hope a lot of people will take part in everything.
  • Can I take a pic of myself with a “Happy birthday” poster? – Yes.
  • Can you guarantee Cate will receive the book? – sadly not, but we will try our best to make this work.



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