The Cate Blanchett Birthday Project 2016


I’m more than thrilled to announce the 2016 Cate Blanchett Birthday Project!
It’s a second year in a row We make this cute little thing for Cate’s birthday.

I want to take all people who took part in the amazing project this year, to the great birthday project team that knows that this year was extremely hard because so many of you participated and we had to finish on time!
So beside me, I want you all to know the amazing 2016 Birthday Project team:
Mari @greatcateblanchett that has such an amazing ideas and made all the photoshop pages into a PDF files
Nelly Catebblogbr that beside being an amazing help,clearly had a master idea this year
Eva @mtrle that was a wonderful help! And who’s the admin of that wonderful Cate site!
And Me (hey @whatmakesyoulove) that god knows how I made the pages on photoshop and made everybody crazy, because when I wanna make something for Cate, it’s gonna happen!

I also want to thank the amazing people who participated and sent messages / drawings!

138 participants from 32 different countries and here they are:
USA,UK, Korea, China, Ukraine, Hong Kong, Thailand, Slovenia, Canada,Mexico, Colombia, Portugal, Tunis, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Catalonia, Italy, Austria, Australia, Brazil, Netherland, Spain, France, Belgium, Tawan, Hungry, Chile, Finland, Scotland, Peru, Philippines and Israel.

Now for the important point: Cate received the birthday projedct! And that was the official message that I got:

“The Birthday Project arrived, yes, they send a big thank you!”

By they I guess they mean Cate and everyone surrounding her


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