Cate Blanchett joins Thor: Ragnarok

It has been finally confirmed! Cate joins Thor: Ragnarok cast as the “first major female supervillain”.

Cate Blanchett has joined the cast of Thor: Ragnarok as the mystical villainess Hela.
Hela is a significant addition to Marvel’s movie universe. Having debuted in the comics back in 1964, she is the daughter of an older form of Loki’s and the ruler of Hel, the Asgardian realm of the dead. Her presence is intrinsically linked to Ragnarok, or the Norse apocalypse, wherein all gods of Asgard are killed off. (An event that was hinted at in Avengers: Age of Ultron.) It’s easy to imagine Blanchett, a two-time Oscar-winner and living Royal Elf, lending the role incredible power.


Marvel also shared this drawing for the audience to understand how Hela is gonna be like:

ללא שם-2


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