Cate Blanchett Daily is back!

After having two months with no updates, I finally can say Cate Blanchett Daily is here and back again!
It had been a very busy peroid and so, I hope we’ll catch up everything soon.

Meanwhile here are the most important things we missed:

  • Cate has started to shoot Thor movie in Australia, from the tweets on people on set, we can guarantee that here character is going to be fabulous! She is going to be “deadly” “pretty” “the most evil” and basically the best wicked marvel character on earth.
  • If speaking of Thor people on set has admitted that the clown on set is definitely Cate! She’s doing the funniest stuff and making everyone laugh all day.
  • Cate’s show THE PRESENT has opened its sale for Broadway. The show starts Dec 20 and end March 19. Prices are from 79$ to 372$ depends on your sit. More info on their official website
  • The movie Voyage of Time narrated by Cate and Brad Pitt, had its premiere this week on Venice Film Festival and soon will find it’s way to our screen! Watch two clips narrated by Cate here

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