Facts & Trivia

Here you can find a few random trivia and facts about Cate that was scraped together from various articles, reports, accounts and so on. It is constantly updated! Please feel free to share any kind of trivia that you now of in the comment section 🙂

  • Cate always signs her emails ‘the mother of Dash, Roman, and Iggy.
  • “My Oscar [Best Supporting Actress, The Aviator, 2005] is in a film museum called ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image) in Melbourne,” the 44-year-old star said. “I get to pay a ticket and go see it every now and again.”
  • Cate was asked by Prince Philipp whether she could fix his broken DVD player because she “works in the film industry”.
  • Cate has a Tonkinese cat named Warwick and a beagle named Carol (after her character in Carol). She also has or had a black dog called Fletcher. Cate has currently has two dogs (2015).
  • Cate literally begged her agent if she knew anything about Galadriel being featured in The Hobbit because she wanted to go back to Middle-earth so badly.
  • From her first paycheck as an actress, Cate bought herself an Armani suit which she still owns.
  • When she was young, Cate wanted to play Lucy from the Peanuts.
  • Cate holds an three Honorary Degrees of Letters: University of New South Wales (2009), University of Sydney (2012) and University of Macquarie (2014)
  • Cate has a sister, Genevieve, and a brother, Bob.

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