CAROL-612x572Official Synopsis
CAROL follows the relationship between two very different women in 1950s New York. A young woman in her 20s, Therese (Mara) is working in a department store and dreaming of a more fulfilling life when she meets Carol (Blanchett), an alluring woman trapped in a loveless, moneyed marriage. As the story unfolds—their lives begin to unravel with Carol becoming more fearful of losing custody of her daughter in the case of separation when her husband (Chandler) threatens her competence as a mother because of her previous affair with her best friend Abby (Paulson), and new relationship with Therese.

Director: Todd Haynes
Screenplay: Patricia Highsmith (novel), Phyllis Nagy
Cinematographer: Ed Lachman
Cast (see more on IMDb)
Therese Belivet – Rooney Mara
Carol Aird – Cate Blanchett
Harge Aird – Kyle Chandler
Abby Gerhard – Sarah Paulson

Filming locations
Announced (possibly more to come)

  • Berry Intermediate School (23 Oakwood Ave, Lebanon, OH)


  • Eden Park (Cincinnati, 12.3.) Video / Cate on set / Set pictures
  • Spare Time Grill (Alexandria, Northern Kentucky, 13.3.) Set pictures
  • New Richmond, Ohio (14.3.) Set pictures / Cate on set
  • A.J.’s Roadhouse (Cincinnati) (March 15th)
  • no shoot on Sunday, March 16th
  • Hyde Park Estate (Cincinnati) (March 17th) Set pictures / Cate on set
  • Hyde Park Estate (Cincinnati) (March 18th)
  • Hyde Park Estate (Cincinnati) (March 19th) Cate on set
  • 12th and Walnut streets (Cincinnat) (March 24th) Cate on set
  • Stearn Mansion (Wyoming, Ohio) (March 25th) Cate on set
  • Court St. Louis street/Freedom Way (Cincinnati) (March 27th) Cate on set
  • University Club 401 E 4th St (Cincinnati) (March 28th) Cate on set
  • Shaker Inn (600 Cincinnati Ave, Lebanon, OH) (March 31st) Cate on set / Part II
  • Maury’s Tiny Cover (3908 Harrison Ave, Cincinnati) (April 1st) Cate on set
  • 331-335 W 4th Street (Cincinnati) (April 2nd) Cate on set / Video / Video II
  • Hilton Hotel (Cincinnati) (April 2nd) Cate on set / Part II
  • Times-Star Building – Reedy, Broadway & 8th Sts (Cincinnati) (April 3rd) Cate on set
  • 9th & Main Streets (Cincinnati) (April 4th) Cate on set
  • Main Street and Court Street (Cincinnati) (April 8th)
  • Court Street & at Arnold’s Bar (210 E 8th St) (Cincinnati) (April 9th)
  • Longworth Hall ( 700 W Pete Rose Way) and Bender Layover (Cincinnati) (April 10th)
  • The Phoenix Place/Cincinnati Club Building (30 Garfield Pl, Cincinnati) and Race Street (April 11th)
  • Kostas Restaurant (Downtown Hamilton, OH) (April 14th) Cate on set
  • Hollywood Court Motel (Evendale, Ohio area) (April 15-16th)
  • Cincinnati Music Hal (1241 Elm Street) (Cincinnati) (April 17th)
  • SB Lytle Tunnel Interstate 71 (Cincinnati) (April 18th) Cate on set
  • Main Street, 6th & 7th/Race Street (Cincinnati) (April 21st) Cate on set
  • Old Oskamp Nolting department store, 26 W. Seventh St. (Cincinnati) (April 22nd)
  • McFarland Street (Cincinnati) (April 23rd) Cate on set
  • April 24th: Cate finishes shooting

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